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from Lucy:

We’ve done a recce in Teazle Wood today to check for any wind damage – nothing much to report; just a leafy Field Maple branch by the bridge at the entrance, which we will cut up and move this week. More worrying is the build-up of litter from the back of Tesco again, spoiling all the hard work carried out by volunteers in September. AND, the Tesco sewer remains without a lid (8 months now, despite meetings and e-mails). AND, tonight Tesco has yet again deposited its freezer ice along the stream at the boundary with the wood, despite having been asked not to do this. We have had salt, freezer ice, fish counter ice, rubbish and sour milk dumped in this stream all year – it has to stop, Tesco. It is illegal, and goes against everything claimed on the Tesco website about community, environment, neighbourliness, customer service, etc. We have been so patient and constructive, but we’re finding it depressing now…