Lucy Quinnell is available to give talks about Teazle Wood, it’s history, fauna and flora and the inspiring story of how she started the campaign to buy and protect the woodland. The fee is a donation to the charity Teazle Wood Trust. Please contact Lucy Quinnell on 01372 386453 or

PAST EVENTS have included:

August 2018. Arthur J Gallagher volunteer day, litter clearing and brush barrier building. Project led by Helen Cocker from the Lower Mole Project.

October 2015. Unilver volunteer day to create the first phase of the Safe Glade Project, led by Surry Wildlife Trust and Lower Mole Project staff.

8th October 2014. As part of TWEEP (Teazle Wood Entrance Enhancement Project) the Lower Mole Project had a day of community volunteering by the staff of Unilever tackling the rubbish and overgrowth along the banks of the Rye Brook from the roundabout at Kingston Road, along the access road to Tesco and into the wood. Last year they did wonderful work clearing some of the many ponds in the wood.

A Sheltered Valley a talk given by Lucy Quinnell as part of Heritage Week. The talk looks at life in 1914 at Rowhurst and Teazle Wood. Lucy, the current owner, investigates who lived at the house and relates it to her own family history. A volunteer is investigating the history of the brick field now concealed under trees and foliage in the southern most part of Teazle Wood.  It was known variously from 1880 as Rowhurst Brickfield, Woodbridge Brickyard and Rowhurst Brickworks. What happened to the people who worked in this complex of buildings and clay pits when the war broke out in 1914?

Spring Bluebell Walks, April & May 2014 were led by Lucy Quinnell. The wood looks at its best in the spring, wonderful swathes of bluebells, and carpets of pretty white wild garlic are a joy to walk through.

Fungi Walk, November 2013 David Hawksworth led a walk to discover fungi in the woods. Click here for the list of fungi that was found.

Heritage Week, September 2013. Lucy Quinnell took groups on booked tours of the wood to explain the archeology and fauna & flora.  Tea and cakes served by Friends of Teazle Wood in Rowhurst Forge.

Saturday 25th May 2013  Roy Vickery, South London Botanical Institute, led a fascinating walk on the uses and folklore of Teazle Wood’s plants. We spent a lovely few hours learning more about the flora of the wood.

Saturday 25th May 2013.  Wildlife Photography Workshop ‘Getting off Auto’ & ‘MACRO’ Professional wildlife photographer David Spink Wildlife Photography Workshop in Teazle Wood to raise funds for the Teazle Wood campaign. If you would like to see some examples of David’s work please visit or visit his facebook page at

Soundbytes Fund raising concert, March 2013 A big thank you to Soundbytes Choir, at their concert on 22nd March they raised an amazing £700. Many thanks to the wonderful singers and even more importantly to the audience for their generosity.

De-Clutter workshop, October 2012 A big thank you to everyone who helped make the De-Clutter workshop held on 20th October so successful which raised £430. Transition Ashtead, Transition Bookham and the Environmental sub-committee of the Leatherhead Residents Association organised the event at the Abraham Dixon Hall, Letherhead Institue. Professional de-clutterers Cherry Rudge and Lynda Whylie led the workshop. Tea and cakes were served.

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