Teazle Wood covers an area of over fifty acres of land in North Leatherhead, Surrey, by junction 9 of the M25.

The privately owned woodland suddenly came up for auction in 2012. On 31st July 2012, after an amazing campaign led by Lucy Quinnell, Teazle Wood was purchased by the Friends of Teazle Wood. The aim was to secure the wood from any possible development and to keep it in perpetuity as a woodland ecology and a nature reserve.  The purchase was only made possible by the generosity of many people, businesses and organisations that care about saving the wood for the future, they both donated and loaned money to help meet the deadline auction date.

In February 2015, the Friends of Teazle Wood founded the charity that will manage the future of the wood the Teazle Wood Trust.                 Registered charity  number 1160532. TWT announcement

We still need your help to help secure the woodland for the future, and to make it debt free. PLEASE HELP US AND SUPPORT THIS AMAZING PROJECT Click here for details of how to make a regluar or one-off donation 

The LAST sizeable area of woodland left in Leatherhead, provides a rural character, ‘backdrop’ views for Leatherhead, Fetcham, Bookham and Ashtead, and is part of the ‘green lungs’ of Surrey.

The central part of Teazle Wood is listed in the Ancient Woodland Inventory. “Ancient semi-natural woods are irreplaceable and must be protected and managed so as to maintain and enhance their special character”. Natural England

There are rare and protected plants such as Green Hound’s tongue and English bluebells. There is a healthy population of Great Crested newts, Stag Beetles, and Purple Emperor butterflies living in the canopy, owls, bats, yaffles (old English for woodpeckers!) and of course not forgetting the teazles that give the wood its name.

There are significant historical and archaeological remains, including a Victorian brick works called Woodbridge Brickfield, which are part of our social history. Most of the ponds were clay pits although some were bomb craters from WW2 , they are now a haven for wildlife including the Great Crested newts.

 THIS IS A FRAGILE ENVIRONMENT so if visiting please keep to the public footpath.

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Teazle Wood has been neglected for decades. As tempting as it is to steam in and start clearing or even litter picking PLEASE DON’T! We have been advised that the woodland has to be restored and conserved very slowly and carefully to avoid causing any unnecessary damage to the ecology of the site. We need to work gently with nature to ensure the success of this gradually unfolding, long-term project.

Approximately 50 acres. It is a vital ecological Site of Nature Conservation Importance which acts as a ‘Living Landscape’ corridor between Bookham and Ashtead Commons. To do the circular route to Leatherhead Common and Ashtead Common start at the entrance to Teazle Wood which is behind the Leatherhead Tesco store and follow the public footpath signs:

Leatherhead Common Walk

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  1. Lorna Shannon said:

    Dear Lucy, I contact you from Pachesham Park Management Committee in the hope that you might be wiling to have a meeting with one of our members regarding the ongoing battles we face in protecting the Green Belt from surrounding infringements. We have followed your success, and would benefit from your help if you might have some time to talk to us? We would be available to talk at your convenience, if you might call on 0779 6448321. My thanks, Lorna Shannon

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