Lucy – I had a really long ‘phone conversation with the Leatherhead Tesco store manager this morning (I’ve met him before, but as you all know, we’ve struggled so far to get really effective co-operation going). I’m meeting him again later this week to at last be able to show him the whole Teazle Wood story in detail, and especially the detailed story thus far of us trying to solve the dreadful litter and store waste problems.

He seems genuinely on board this time – he has apologised profusely for not having responded before and for the store failures to date, and he has been out with his staff already and cleared some of the big debris from the north edge of the store. He was appalled and embarrassed by the ongoing mess, and he really wants to work with us all and get this behind us. It was refreshing to finally speak to someone who now acknowledges the problem, rather than making excuses for it.

THANKS to all of you who helped make the ‘Teazle Wood calling Tesco’ voice much louder (especially the facebook gang, for keeping up the pressure; Caroline- for so much support on this one, and Dawn Fielding of the Lower Mole Project) – we must obviously ensure that this time the ideas and suggestions are acted on and maintained, but I am feeling very hopeful that there will shortly be: posters in the store to engage the staff; Tesco volunteer days like the Unilever / Wates ones; a managed bin on the Tesco site near the entrance to the wood; much better staff engagement, awareness and pride; fencing along the concrete barrier to catch blown litter; and ultimately – a better corporate role model for the kids who use the wood, and no damaging plastics / food waste / ice / etc. discarded into our natural environment to do harm.

I fully anticipate being able to report asap a new lid on the infamous open sewer!!