Please see below for excerpts from the newletter. Thank you to all of you who I haven’t thanked personally this time – you are doing great things!

  • Thank you all for your ongoing donations and practical support – it is making a real difference. The Surrey Amphibian and Reptile Group has made a donation to the campaign, and has also offered to help us. There is a lot of work to do in the important “ponds” area of the woods, a critical habitat for Great Crested newts. We have also been receiving guidance from Froglife. Thank you to both organisations, and to the other organisations helping us.
  • Lucy Quinnell has been nominated by Councillor Dave Howarth for Mole Valley District Council Chairman’s Marvellous Mole Valley Citizen Award. Lucy considers this a nomination for the whole Friends of Teazle Wood campaign, so please vote for her: http://www.molevalley.gov.uk/mmv Congratulations to the other nominees, including two other “Friends of Teazle Wood” wearing their other hats. It’s terrific that so many worthwhile community projects are being recognised through this initiative.
  • Teazle Wood was featured in the February LIFE series (Fish Media), and has been selected by Waitrose Epsom as one of the causes for April – thank you!
  • The members of Leatherhead & District Countryside Protection Society(LDCPS) are delighted to support The Friends of Teazle Wood with a grant of£5000 towards enabling the improvement and maintenance of the precious ancient woodland. Our funds come from members’ subscriptions.LDCPS was formed in 1929. It has ten constitutional Objects. The first is to preserve from injury and disfigurement the rural scenery within the thenUrban District of Leatherhead, and in particular to defend, sustain andprotect from development the Metropolitan Green Belt of the area.An Object specific to areas like Teazle Wood is to preserve the arboreal beauties from injudicious felling or lopping of trees on both public and private land and advocating the planting of trees and shrubs in appropriate places. In tandem we encourage the preservation of all forms of wild life,both flora and fauna. Also of interest to The Friends of Teazle Wood is the Object to encourage the prevention of deposits of litter and rubbish and its removal where it occurs.We look forward to playing a part in preserving Teazle Wood for the community. Colin Langley

  • Roy Vickery, South London Botanical Institute, will lead a walk on the uses
    and folklore of Teazle Wood’s plants on 25th May 2013 at 10.30am. £10
    each, to TW campaign. Booking essential. No dogs please, at Roy’s request.
    E-mail Lucy for more details.
  • I spoke at the Natural Connections 2013 conference at the School of African & Oriental Studies recently. There was an incredible range of speakers, from DEFRA, the Environment Agency, the Wildlife Trusts, the Great Barrier Reef, the Ecosystem KnowledgeNetwork, the British Association of Nature Conservation, etc.Totally fascinating, and brilliantly organised by Dialogue Matters. I left with the exciting offer of the kids involved with TeazleWood being twinned with the Reef Guardians of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – thank you, Jon – we are so excited about this! Thank you, Surrey Wildlife Trust / Jim Jones,for proposing me as a speaker – it was amazing.” Lucy Quinnell