from Janet Baker:

After my 75th birthday in mid January I am hoping to swim 75 lengths to celebrate. This is now imminent! I have been ‘swimming my age’ each year since I was 50 so you could say that I have been practising for this for 25 years! Five years ago I made it a sponsored swim and set myself the target of doing it again this year, if still fit enough.I am hoping to raise money for three different things – one that is relatively new and is applying for charitable status and two long standing charities.

Would you be willing to sponsor me for: Friends of Teazle Wood. As this has not yet got charitable status, if you would like to donate please make your cheque out to ‘Friends of Teazle Wood’ and send to me.

Thank you to Sivi at Froglife for the newt advice (Happy newt year to you, too!!). We will be attempting a careful removal of some of the fly-tipping in newt pond on Thursday 24th January, subject to any “early starter” newts or newt eggs being found during an inspection on that morning.