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Purple and white teazle in Teazle WoodTeazle Wood covers an area of over 50 acres of land in North Leatherhead, Surrey, by junction 9 of the M25.

For over 50 years the woodland has been in private hands but in 2012 it suddenly came up for auction. On on 31st July 2012 after a campaign led by Lucy Quinnell, Teazle Wood was purchased by the Friends of Teazle Wood. The aim was to secure the wood from any possible develpoment and to keep it in perpetuity as a woodland ecology.

The purchase was only made possible by the generosity of many people, businesses and organisations who care about saving the wood for the future, they both donated and loaned money to help meet the deadline auction date.

But we still need your help to help secure the woodland for the future, and to make it debt free. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS AMAZING PROJECT.

Stag Beetle